One Stop Vending Services Make Having Vending on Corporate Campuses Manageable

One of the most interesting trends in onsite vending, as it regards corporate campus operations and real estate managers, is the increasing number of managers taking advantage of one stop vending services in order to consolidate the amount of time goes into working with offsite vendors.

Here are some distinct advantages to narrowing your choices down to one vendor that will take on managing onsite vending machines for you:

Your Time Savings

Beyond the time that you save by not having to negotiate with each vendor, once you have vetted a vendor and know how well they perform, turning them loose to manage all of the onsite vending machines means that you don’t need multiple points of contacts if questions arise. Working with the vendor as part of the contract negotiations, you can also empower either employee committees or employees in distinct roles to be able to contact the vendor directly to make changes or note a shortage. Similar to how offsite technical support services work, if setup correctly, you can remove yourself from being a feedback hub, allowing the service to work efficiently while you see the overall performance reports and enjoy quite a time savings.

Your Choices

Oftentimes, one of the largest concerns for those enjoying the food or beverages onsite is that they receive the type of food and drink that they want without fail. By using a one stop vending service, all of your needs can be met with each delivery so that every machine and kitchen area that holds supplies will be stocked. You won’t need to experience a wait for one particular machine type that is out-of-stock. You will also open your company or site up to a wider range of choices that are typically available from larger vending distributors. Being able to specify extra choices is another thing that typically increases onsite satisfaction.

Umbrella Please

Perhaps the largest sticking point in looking at specific vendors to manage your entire site is that they may not currently offer every type of brand or food type that you are used to. Fortunately, most one stop vending services can add those brands or act as an umbrella for local food manufacturers that you may support- giving you an even wider range of choices while leaving you and your employees in control of the food content selection.