Are you thinking about getting a vending machine installed at your workplace?

Full service vending machines are ideal to provide your employees with snacks and beverages as and when needed. Your employees will love this gesture and it will reflect in their behavior and productivity. The best thing about getting a vending machine installed at your workplace from a professional company is that you won’t have to worry about the stocking, servicing, and maintenance of the machine. It will all be taken care of by the NJ vending machine company.

Office vending machines are a normal sight these days. Vending machines are no longer limited to universities and schools. You will find them all around you. So, why not install one at your office for your employees?

It may sound simple, but there are certain requirements that you should meet before thinking about installing an office vending machine. These are not really pre-requisites, but these determine whether your vending machine installation at your workplace will be a success or not. To make things simpler for you, we have created here is a list of the top requirements for vending machine services at your office.


1.    Traffic

Just like any other product or service, sales are necessary to keep your vending machines working. After all, the operators need money to service the machine and put more items in there. There is no point adding more items to the vending machine when no one’s getting anything out of it.

So, the first thing you need to ensure when getting a vending machine at your workplace is that there are enough people who will be using the machine. You cannot just install a vending machine for 10 people at the office. It will cost you much more than what you are expecting in return. You need enough people using the machine so that you can generate the amount of money needed to keep the machine up and running.

Hence, only think about installing a vending machine at your workplace if you have at least 40 full-time employees working in the office for you —a number less than that will make the vending machine more of an expense than anything else.


2.    A Proper Electrical Outlet

Vending machines are not small. They run on electricity and you cannot just plug them in any socket of your choice and expect them to work hazard-free. Most of the typical vending machines require 115 volts of electricity at 10-12 amperes. You will need an electrical outlet with three pongs to run the machine. Thus, only opt for vending machine installation if you have the required electric outlets.

Thinking about powering your vending machine using an extension cord?

Don’t think about it. This is a fire and electrical hazard and no professional vending machine company or operator will place their vending machine at such places where there are any risks of such hazards. Thus, make sure you have proper electrical arrangements to power the vending machine before you go on and get it installed.


3.    A Secure Area

One of the biggest concerns that vending machine companies have regarding their machines is vandalism. Countless vending machine companies have taken out their equipment from several places where their machines were getting damaged. So, don’t expect a company to install their vending machine at a place where they don’t think that it will be safe from vandalism and harm. Vending machines are a huge investment and no one wants their machines to be ruined by anyone. Their service and maintenance cost a lot.

If you are planning to get a vending machine installed at your workplace, then you need to make sure that it will be safe from vandalism. Installing cameras near these machines is a good idea to ensure surveillance. It helps keep people away from harming the vending machines and saves the company a lot of money.

If you don’t want to install cameras, you can place the vending machine in a secure area where someone from the management can always keep an eye on them. This will prevent people from vandalizing the machine and stealing its contents. So, before you go on and ask a vending machine company to install a machine at your office, make sure you find a safe and secure place for it.


4.    Enough Space for the Machine

Vending machines are big. They are typically 80” x 40” x 35” in dimensions. This means that you need to have enough space in the office for these machines to be installed. When looking for a place for vending machine installation, make sure there is enough space for the machine to be plugged into the wall from the backside. Furthermore, there should also be enough space for the doors to open and close conveniently when the machine is being serviced or restocked.

If you don’t have ample space in your office, then installing a vending machine will only be a nuisance. The operators will also find it hard to service the machine and it will be a failure overall. Thus, only install a vending machine if you have enough space for one at your office.


These were some requirements for getting a vending machine at your workplace. It is important to choose a professional and well-known company for vending machine installation at your office. If you are looking for a professional vending machine installation company in Union County, Morris County, Hudson County, Essex County or Bergen County, you can get in touch with our team at (201) 826-2112. We are one of the best vending machine installation companies in the area and offer regular service and maintenance as well. We offer office vending machines for snacks and soda. You can also opt for our healthy vending machine.

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