You know vending machines have become very popular when you find them at almost every corporate setting, shopping malls, schools and hospitals. Their success can be attributed to a wealth of benefits they provide their consumers with. Ease of access, affordability, safe mode of payment are just a few of them.

But making sure your vending machine service will be successful isn’t as easy as you may think. One little mistake can keep people from stopping by at your vending machine. A lot can go wrong. You can pick the wrong location, the wrong collection of snacks and beverages, and a lot more.

If you’re thinking of buying a vending machine service, then here’s a detailed guide for you so you can make sure that you’re making the right selection.

Know What You Wish to Sell

Before you venture out to find a vending machine, you should figure out exactly what it is that you wish to sell. Your machine doesn’t have to revolve around food. You can sell other products like magazines, medicines, and first-aid equipment, the possibilities are endless.

But knowing isn’t enough. You must also make sure there’s a market need for your products and you have high chances of making profit. Depending on the nature of the products you wish to sell, you’ll have to purchase the right vending machine that’s able to dispense the contents with ease.

Different Types of Traditional Vending Machines

Traditional vending machines are basically machines that offer a variety of snacks and drinks to consumers after they’ve made the payment. They accept payments in the form of cash, credit card, debit card and even electronic payment like Apply Pay.

When you purchase a vending machine service, then you can expect the service provider to install the vending machine in the right spot and service them regularly to make sure they’re completely operational. They should also be stocked with products that are in perfectly good condition.

Snack Vending Machines

Since snacks expire a lot quicker than beverages, vending machines need to have items that will sell fast.  If they don’t, they need to be replaced regularly to make sure they’re fresh when they’re purchased.

These vending machines can include a variety of snacks like granola bars, candy bars, cookies, potato or tortilla chips, trail mix, pastries, pretzels and a lot more.

Beverage Vending Machines

There are two types of beverage vending machines: closed-front and glass-front. The machines with closed front serve drinks in the standard size (12 ounce cans). Glass-front vending machines have greater capacity for storage and allow the consumers to look at what they’re purchasing. They can serve drinks in different sizes and packaging.

Soda vending machines or cold beverage machines are the most popular. They typically offer a selection of soft drinks supplied by Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. They are equipped with a compressor that keeps the drinks cool while they’re stored.

Other than soda, they can also include sports drinks, water, flavored water, sparkling water, iced tea/coffee and juices.

Vending machines can also be used to supply hot beverages. They serve two different cup sizes and may even have the option that allows consumers to choose the strength of the hot beverage.

The beverage is prepared right after the payment is received. They can include tea, coffee, cappuccinos, hot cocoa, and more.

Healthy Vending Machines

If you’re health conscious and wish to provide your consumers with healthy alternatives for snacks, then you can use vending machines that come with a computer-monitored temperature regulation system. This will make sure the food inside is fresh and safe.

These vending machines can serve low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, salads, fitness water, and other low-card and low-sugar snacks that make up for a healthy diet.

Frozen Food Vending Machines

Vending machines can also offer frozen food items. They need to maintain the right temperature at all times to make sure the food is preserved and safe for consumption. The items can include desserts, ice cream, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, packaged meats, etc.

What Else You Need to Consider

It’s not enough to know what you wish to sell and find the right type of vending machine, there are other things you need to consider to make sure you don’t run into any problems down the line.

Size and Weight

You should find the right location to install the vending machine and get the accurate dimensions. This is to make sure that the vending machine you end up purchasing will fit securely in place.

You can solicit the help of a professional if you’re having trouble picking out the right size. You also have to ensure that the weight of the vending machine is almost the same as the weight of the products you’ll be offering.

Is It Safe to Use?

Just like most products, inspect the machine before purchasing it to check it if it’s fully functional. Take an expert with you to stay on the safe side. The machine should also be safe to operate. It should not pose any risk to the consumers or you’ll be liable for all the damages.

It should also be safe for children to use. You don’t want any accidents to occur as they’ll negatively impact your sales.

Is it User-Friendly?

You should buy a vending machine that’s easy to use for consumers of all ages and backgrounds. If it takes a lot of time for a single person to figure out how to operate it, then there are chances of a queue forming behind them. People may give up and find what they’re looking for somewhere else.

Bottom Line

Keep these pointers in mind when you’re about to buy a vending machine service. Make sure it’s easy to operate, safe to use, and has products that are most likely to sell.

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