Thinking about getting a vending machine installed at your business, university, or store?

Vending machines add value to your business and provide a great in-house service for your employees and customers alike. It is important to partner with the right vending machine company to ensure that the best services are provided against the best rates. You need to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit out of the vending machines that you are placing at your premises. All of this is only possible when you choose the best vending machine company. It will keep the service hassle-free and you will have one less thing to worry about.

Not sure how to choose the right vending machine company for your premises?

Here are 6 questions you need to ask them before you make your final choice. These questions will come in handy whether you want a vending machine at your office, club, store, school or university or just any other premises.


1.    What product range do you offer?

We all have certain preferences when it comes to the food we eat. Thus, before you choose any vending machine service, ask them if they offer a flexible product range or not. Always choose a company that is flexible in its product range. They should offer a wide variety of snacks and drinks to meet the needs of everyone at the premises. Furthermore, there must also be some healthy snacking options for people who are conscious about their health and wellbeing. There must also be sugarless snacks and drinks if someone wants them.

It is best to choose a service that allows you to pick the snacks and drinks of your choice. It should also give you the freedom to change the products in the vending machine as per the demands of the customers.


2.    Do you offer combination vending machines?

If you are made to choose between a snack and drink vending machine, what will you choose?

It is a difficult decision to make as you need both at your premises. Getting two separate vending machines for drinks and snacks is a huge expense. Thus, ask the vending machine company if they offer combination vending machines. Combination vending machines offer both snacks and drinks in one machine. These combos are becoming increasingly popular and are a much cost-effective option than getting two separate vending machines. Choose a company that offers combination vending machines to make things easier for yourself.


3.    What restocking options do you offer?

It is important to ask all the questions you have in mind before finalizing any vending machine installation company. One of the most important questions to ask is about the restocking options and timetable. You don’t want to have a vending machine at your premises with empty shelves. Therefore, ask the company about their restocking schedule. Do they restock readily as needed or follow a fixed timetable?

Make sure you ask for the contact number of the concerned person you can contact for restocking as and when needed. This will save you the trouble of going back and forth with the company for restocking.


4.    Are your vending machines reliable?

It is important to choose a vending machine installation company that offers the best quality vending machines. Choose a reliable company that ensures that the vending machine will not break down on a hot day. It should also not swallow the money of the customers without giving them what they want in return. Look for machines that are versatile when it comes to payment options. They should accept both cash and credit cards. The vending machines must also be installed with high-quality sensors to ensure that snacks and drinks are delivered to the customers as soon as the payment is made.


5.    What support services do you offer?

No matter how reliable and high-quality vending machine you get for your premises, there are chances that you will need support services. Besides support services, vending machines also require regular maintenance. Find out if they offer technical support round the clock in case something goes wrong with the vending machine. Do they come and organize repairs as and when needed? What about maintenance services? Do they follow a schedule or do it on a need-to-do basis?

Ask them about all these things before you finalize any vending machine installation company.


6.    How much profit will I make?

Most of the businesses install a vending machine at their premises to get some extra income. Vending machines are generally leased without any charges. Most of the vending machine companies work on a profit-sharing arrangement with the place where these machines are installed. This profit-sharing agreement is important especially when the vending machine is placed in a high-traffic area. These areas give back higher earnings and profit-sharing can then be negotiated.

If you are thinking about earning profit from vending machines installed at your business premises, then it is important to discuss all the terms and conditions with the vending machine company beforehand. Get a contract to ensure that there are no issues later on.


These were some important questions to ask a vending machine company before choosing one for your premises. This ensures that you are getting the services of the best company and can get into a healthy business relationship with them.

It is very important to choose a reputable and well-known company for vending machine installation at your premises. It is an on-going relationship. Therefore, you should choose a company that understands your needs and offers you the best services at the best rates. They should also offer regular maintenance and replenishment services so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Ask around for recommendations when choosing a vending machine company so that you make the best choice.