Most managers make it their priority to create a positive and healthy work environment for their employees. This can include appreciation of their work, monetary incentives, and even activities like team building. However, one of the quickest and quirkiest ways to increase your workplace performance is by introducing vending machines at work.

Read this article to learn all the benefits of introducing a vending machine in your office.

It Increases Employee Satisfaction

One of the major reasons why you should introduce a vending machine in your office is because it has a direct impact on employee satisfaction. According to research, having a vending machine makes employees feel that they are valued by the company, which boosts their satisfaction. Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in increasing productivity since a satisfied employee will do a much better job.

It Increases Metabolism

According to studies, having small meals every few hours can positively impact the rate of metabolism. When an individual’s rate of metabolism increases, they will have more energy in their body and automatically do more work in less time. Employees will also feel energized after a small break and come back to their desks with a renewed spirit which will help them better focus on work.

It Is Low-Maintenance

Another one of the biggest reasons why your office will benefit from a vending machine is that it will increase employee productivity at a very low cost. Since vending machines have a very low maintenance cost, your business will not go broke maintaining them regularly. Vending machines can be easily operated by your employees which means they will most probably be maintenance free for years.

It Can Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle

The good thing about an office vending machine is that it is entirely up to you to decide what you get to keep in them. Most vending machines contain items like candies, drinks, coffee, chocolate bars, tea, and cookies. However, if your company wants to take a healthier route and promote healthy eating, you can also add nutritious items to your vending machine. This means that even if your employees do take snack breaks every few hours, they will only be consuming healthy foods that will not only give them energy but also keep them fit. A few healthy items you can add to your vending machine are nuts, almonds, granola bars, and vitamin water.

It Increases Productivity

Vending machines have a major impact on employee job productivity since they encourage your demotivated employees to take their breaks within the workplace premises.. For example, a demotivated employee is likely to take breaks more often than a motivated one. They might smoke more as that gives them an excuse to leave their desk and the office floor. However, vending machines will be inside the office which means your employees will get a break but also stay on site. This way, they won’t leave the building every time they need a break and come back to their desks with a renewed spirit after taking much shorter breaks.

It Increases Employee Bonding

Vending machines are quite effective since they can quickly become an employee bonding spot. Employees that are on break at the same time will get to know each other by making conversation that can translate into their work. These conversations can turn into collaborative work and inspire ideas for your company. Since companies employ people from all kinds of social and cultural backgrounds, different employees collaborating with each other will only introduce new and creative ideas in the workplace.

Employees can also work together to solve problems and brainstorm new ideas which will further benefit your company. A vending machine can make a huge difference since it will increase workplace interaction which can in turn enhance your employees’ internal communication and motivate them to work harder. Social interaction in the workplace has a lot of benefits – from increasing employee satisfaction to low turnover rate. A vending machine can play a huge role in keeping your employees focused and happy at their current job.

It Has Low Overhead Costs

Besides low maintenance costs, a vending machine can also reduce your company’s overhead costs. A vending machine does not require someone to operate it unlike a kitchen or a cafeteria which will save you a lot of overhead costs since you will not need to hire any cafeteria staff. Simply install a few vending machines in your office and your employees will get coffee, tea, and food without regularly going to the cafeteria.

It Is Versatile

The good thing about vending machines is that you can keep virtually any food item in them.. If your office has more than one vending machine, you can easily sell multiple items belonging to different food groups and brands. For example, one vending machine can be dedicated entirely to cookies while the other one can have different types of nuts.

A wide range of vending machines will give your employees a huge variety to choose from and can also help you generate profit. A good idea is to stock your vending machines with the latest items that are popular in the food market which means there is a greater chance your employees will try them. This way, your business will have the opportunity to make a portion of the profit from these vending machine items.

It Keeps Employees on Track

Sometimes, it is easy for an employee to get caught up in work and they might end up missing lunch. However, thanks to the office vending machine, your employees will never go without food for long. If your employees do not have time to have a proper meal, that does not mean they should not have a snack. A vending machine in close proximity is a beneficial idea since it will make sure your employees never lose their energy or motivation to work.

Getting a vending machine in your office will have everlasting effects on your employee’s performance. A vending machine can result in high productivity and improved work activity. Get in touch with us to find the right vending machine for your workplace.