MSS Vending is able to offer you the vending machine equipment you need, as well as the services to back it up. We specialize in Pepsi Products as well as Gatorade and Aquafina. Other machines are also available upon request, including snack vending machines, soda vending machines, healthy vending machines, and food vending machines to meet all of your needs.

Technology Driven Vending

MSS Vending founder, Michael Schwartz believes high tech vending machines are the answer for his customers and make their properties look better. Have you ever wondered how many sales a vending machine loses because customers don’t have the right kind of money on them when they decide they would like to make a purchase? This is not just a consideration of coins or large bills, which cause trouble enough. How many people out there have completely stopped carrying cash in today’s credit card and smart phone oriented society?

These vending machine sales are not just impulse buys, some people who would like a cup of coffee or a candy bar will simply walk down the street to a corner store to make a purchase if a vending machine does not accept the customer’s options of payment. This segment of customers does their banking online, and they purchase by credit or debit card. There are many customers who are becoming accustomed to paying for certain kinds of purchases with PayPal or Google Wallet. These purchases are often in-person purchases. Many businesses sell their work through PayPal with an iPad, and some stores now accept Google Wallet and PayPal.

Why should a vending machine miss out on those sales? If a customer can get the convenience of a Google Wallet purchase from a vending machine, many customers will opt for this method instead of using up the spare change they would rather save for parking meters. Many customers dislike change for any kind of purchase, and see change as little more than gym sock truncheon stuffing.

A high tech vending machine operation does not miss out on sales just because a customer is not carrying the right kind of money. Google Wallet makes purchasing easier for the consumer, and the vending machine business is all about selling at the right place and at the right time. Why not accept the right kind of money?